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Recommendations:  Do not shoot remanufactured cartridges unless you can control their quality or reload them yourself.  Save your spent brass dry in air tight bags.  You may  use handloads for self defense, but only if you can be sure of their utmost reliability.  If you have to shoot in self defense, and you are found to be in the right, the type of ammunition you used should be irrelevant.  We have not heard of any case where the ammunition was an issue (yet).  However, with so many excellent factory offerings for this purpose, especially Cor Bon DPX, it is hard to justify using anything else.  Keep a few defensive rounds in reserve for law enforcement ballistic testing should the need arise.  Use up and replace your defensive ammunition supply and reserve rounds on a regular basis.  Reloading and casting lead bullets will not harm modern firearms as long as proper techniques are used along with frequent firearm cleaning and adherence to listed loading data in reputable manuals.  Reloading benefits include versatility, accuracy, self-sufficiency, and economy.  In times of turmoil, the wise reloader will have a good stock of primers, powder, cases, and wheel weights for casting.  Practice with quality ammunition that generates a similar recoil to that which you will carry.  At close range the point of impact will not change significantly when using different weight bullets.  At longer distances, there could be quite a difference.  Occasionally fire a dress rehearsal both in different weather conditions and at various distances with a clean weapon and a full magazine or cylinder of carry  rounds.  More than a responsibility, it is an obligation for the shooter to be sure of the final resting place of every bullet he fires.

Manufacturer:       Ammunition type                                                                                        

                                  Cor Bon       DPX has exhibited both excellent penetration and expansion qualities for urban self defense.     

      Federal        Premium Cast Core heaviest hard cast lead for outdoors carry                    

Federal        American Eagle or PMC for practice until you can roll your own            

MTM        Plastic flip top ammo storage boxes, great, see reloading accessories.  



Pictured above is the 5.5" Ruger (stronger old style) Vaquero 45 colt in stainless steel and simulated ivory.  This is an example of the Colt Peacemaker style that won the west and became ingrained in the psyche of American culture with the help of movie gunfighters like John Wayne.  Most recently manufactured guns like this are strong designs using high quality steels and can safely carry a full complement of high pressure loads that carefully follow the recommendations of loading manuals.  Choose the 44mag, 480 Ruger, 454 Casull, or better for more power.  Colt designed this revolver in the early 1870's for the self-contained metallic cartridge bearing his name, and the government quickly adopted it as the 1873 Single Action Army.  Fewer moving parts translated into rugged dependability in harsh environments such as the Klondike.  With its 7.5" barrel and 250 grain lead bullet, it was the black powder magnum of the day.  Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders preferred to cut the barrel to 5.5" as seen above, and the sheriff's model was even shorter.  The term single action refers to the fact that, like all previous weapons, the trigger only has one action to perform, and that is just to release the hammer.  The shooter must thumb cock the hammer back to rotate the cylinder for every shot. Holding the trigger back and fanning the hammer with the other hand for rapid fire is neither accurate nor recommended, but everyone will try it sooner or later.



Ammo Basics    Specifications    Ammunition price list


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