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Contents of the Gunthorp Web

Here are articles and pictures about firearm history, safety, holsters, ammunition,
defensive gun use, firearm tactics, laws, and links to help you become proficient.
A gunsmith, dealer, and trainer, with years of shooting and reloading experience,
offers the finest weapons, accessories, and tools at wholesale prices for students.

Home  Pictured 75 cal Brown Bess Musket.  View some of Oleg Volk's great photography.  A psychiatrist explains the anti gun mentality.    Understand the correct language of the 2nd amendment.  Woman's perspective includes prison interviews through a rapist's eyes.

Classes  Pictured 58 cal Harpers Ferry Pistol and Napoleon's double barrel pistol.  Introduction to self-defense, other excellent opinions on what to look for and how to choose a first handgun, observations, Private ownership stops crime, and an article on sheep, wolves, and sheepdogs.

     Self Defense and Liberty  A short article linking the common man's ability to defend himself and gain self sovereignty.  Included is a concise history of firearm actions.

     Handgun Safety Class  The basic course for the Permit to Carry a Handgun.  This first course satisfies the permit requirements for MN, UT, and FL.

        The Permit to Carry Written Test

     Advanced  Pistol techniques and live drills for the proficiency to carry with confidence,  the 3-3-3 theory by Professor Carl C. Chandler, Jr., Lateral Movement by Rob Pincus.

       Advanced Defensive Handgun Outline

     Expert  A one day course in tactics, speed, and accuracy for safety and survival. A training course for commandos  and the US Army Survival Manual     

 Expert Weapons Tactics outline notes include flashlights, backup guns, lasers, top ten rules of cover, street vs games, elements of awareness, speed vs precision, defensive reaction, posts on movement.  Awareness and the OODA loop.

     Reloading  Topics covering reloading and casting for accuracy and economy.

     Schedules  Class fees, classroom and shooting range locations.  Instructions for students. Directions and maps.

     Meet the instructor, Gardner Behrends

Firearms  Pictured Colt 1851 Navy cap and ball revolver, Philadelphia derringer, duck's foot, and pepper box.

     Safety  Basic firearms safety laws need to be reviewed periodically.   Top Ten ways to tell if you're a target.  NRA firearm condition guide.

     Pistol Pictured Ruger, Taurus, Kimber, and Kel-Tec self-Defense handgun offerings.  Comments on applications and   pros and cons of different handgun types.  Masad Ayoob writes how to shoot a handgun accurately.  Tacoma PD tests the Kinber pro carry.  Does size matter?

     Rifle  Pictured Ruger, Winchester, Springfield, SKS.  Comments on general nature, short, medium, and long ranges and hints for rifle work.

     Shotgun  Pictured blunderbuss, coach gun, Mossberg, Remington with interchangeable barrels.

     Black Powder Selection of black powder arms pictured in gunthorp.com.

     Pneumatic  Benjamin Single Shot Pump Pellet Pistol, Crossman heavy pellets.  Target practice almost anywhere.

Ammo  Pictured Colt Single Action 1873 Army represented by .45 Colt Ruger Vaquero.  General ammo recommendations.

     Basics  Ammo components, cutaway cartridges, pictures of common cartridges, description of calibers and uses. Observations on Cor Bon DPX ammunition.  Ten signs you are not an outdoorsman.

     Specifications  Comments on energy, momentum, stopping power,  caliber effectiveness comparisons, energy tables.  Handgun wounding factors and effectiveness.   Terminal ballistics as viewed in a morgue.

     Pricelist  Wholesale ammunition pricing is inflating rapidly.  Please call for latest cost.

Holsters  Pictured the double action revolver represented by Taurus titanium .41 Magnum.

     Styles  Pictures of Mitch Rosen's ARG, Carjacking Rig, Nancy Special, Milt Sparks VM-II, Comp-Tac's CTAC,  the Crossbreed Super Tuck Deluxe, and many others.  Comments on holster selection and use.  Holsters and belts are as important as the gun and ammunition.

     Badges   Comments on proper identification in everyday encounters with the police.  Do you really want a badge?  What should you say to the police after defending yourself?  Here's a list of local Duluth and MN lawyers.

Accessories  Pictured Browning's single action .45 auto represented by the 3" Kimber Ultra CDP.  Instructions for the Gunthorp Grasshopper instant deploy keychain.

     Gun Cases & Safes  The best buys on the current market, Finger touch quick access safes,  Target holding clips,  Ammo-Safe bore inserts.

     Cleaning Tips  Cleaning kits, solvents, and supplies to make your gun last a lifetime.

     Knives  Why carry, what to carry, how to sharpen, how to use.  Warning: discussions about knives aren't for faint hearts.

     Reloading & Casting  Manuals, scales, presses, case prep tools, dies, furnaces and molds.

     Black Powder  Comments on safety and origin.  Don't try this at home, but see how black powder is made.

     Optics & Lights  Pictures of laser grips, red dot sights, aperture sights, and scopes.  Comments for the advanced student on the use of different sighting systems and what to look for in a scope.  Flashlights and their use.  The latest advances in LED technology

More  Pictured the latest advance in polymer autos, Kel-Tec P3-AT DAO auto in 380 cal.  This represents the greatest power to weight/size ratio for concealed carry.  It will require some practice, but it is capable of accurate, close range shot placement.  Solutions to the ten most common problems.

     Anatomy, tactics, drills  Technical comments for the advanced defensive handgun student.

     Carry Permit Application for Minnesota  Acrobat Reader File from the State.  A reader's digest of important MN firearm laws.  A link to notification letters for courthouse and capitol area carry.  Articles on carry mindset.   Carry at the state fair.  A must read page for all those who  have a permit.

         Relevant MN Statutes  The authorized use of force, the limitations on the use of deadly force, the Minnesota Citizens' Personal Protection Act (MCPPA), motor vehicle and airline transportation, links to other MN firearm statutes of interest

         Carry Permit Application for Florida This permit can be obtained by mail but is not honored by MN.

    Carry Permit Application for Wisconsin This permit can be obtained by WI residents but is not honored by MN yet.

     Q and A's  Recent questions and answers from the email bag.

     Quotes  Some from surprising sources.

     Late Breaking News  Pertaining to carry law and handgun issues.

Links  To help the student find out about firearms, holsters, and research more ideas and techniques, history, news, humor, friends, and family.

Portal  Under construction.  Ten reasons you should check your health insurance.

If you can read this, thank a teacher.

If it's in English, thank a veteran.





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