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Pictured above is our highest recommendation for a compact, lightweight, dependable, powerful, and accurate self defense weapon for comfortable carry, the 3" barreled Kimber 45 auto Ultra CDP topped with night sights.  It weighs 10 oz less than a combat commander.  If you could have but one gun, this Kimber offering comes close to being the gun that can do everything, better than any other single defensive firearm we have tested thus far.  The handsome rosewood double diamond checkered grips make it a hard decision to substitute with laser grips.  Extra large hands may prefer the slightly longer grip of the 4" Pro CDP.  The 30 line per inch checkering on the front strap is well done and assures a firm grip.  The beveled magazine well, the ambidextrous safety, and the melted edges are nice touches.  But the important features that give the utmost in reliability and accuracy are there with refinement.  The mechanism traces its lineage back a century to the genius of John Browning's design.  He was able to utilize the power of the cartridge itself to unload, cock the hammer, and reload in the blink of a eye.  With each gentle press of the single action trigger the pistol fires, as fast as one can pull the trigger, until empty.  And replacing the seven round magazine was facilitated by the pistol holding itself open after the last shot.  Browning designed the new cartridge to duplicate, in a shorter version, the proven stopping power of the venerable 45 colt by taking advantage of the new smokeless powders developed near the end of the nineteenth century.  The 45 ACP, Automatic Colt Pistol, cartridge and gun,  were extensively tested by the US Army and adopted in 1911.  This semi automatic design has since been referred to as a 1911 style pistol.  In 1985, after serving our armed forces admirably through many conflicts, it was replaced by a 9 mm semi-auto, similar to a 38 caliber.  Experience in combat with the new pistol was mixed, and Army Special Forces, Navy Seals, SWAT teams, and police departments around the country have switched back to the 45.

Deja vue all over again!

Gunthorp is proud to be a Master Kimber Dealer

Click here for instructions and use of the Gunthorp Grasshopper instant deploy paracord tourniquet keychain.



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