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Cases and Safes

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Extra pistol cases or finger pad gun vaults are handy in a vehicle for those times when you enter a prohibited carry zone. Every firearm owner needs to protect his or her weapons from unauthorized access with a safe that can be bolted down or secured so as to prevent loss.  The finger top models allow instant access to a loaded handgun, even in the dark.  Frequent loading and unloading subjects the weapon and ammunition to unnecessary wear and the owner to added safety issues. Many firearm discharges have occurred in police locker rooms.  Check the local laws governing when and how to carry or transport pistols, rifles, and shotguns.

Pistol Rugs

Measure the length of your gun, then add about an inch.

Kolpin   7" black heavy weave ballistic nylon soft pistol case      9.95

Fits 3" Kimber and most small autos

Kolpin 10" black heavy weave ballistic nylon soft pistol case      9.95

Fits 5" Kimber, large autos, and  most revolvers

Kolpin 13" black heavy weave ballistic nylon soft pistol case      9.95

Fits medium barreled revolvers

Kolpin 15" tan canvas with foam pad pile lining soft pistol case  9.95

Fits long barreled revolvers


Soft Cases for Rifles and Shotguns

Allen 40",  43",  46",  52" (.22's,  scoped rifles, and shotguns)      16.95


Pistol Safes

All safes can be defeated by an experienced and determined professional thief.  At least we can afford to protect children and the ones we love with a gun safe.  Besides, even an inexpensive model may help protect you in a court of law.


Mini Vault single pistol finger top safe 12x8x5      118.95

This is the smallest, lightest, and least expensive fast access safe.  In a tense situation, fine motor skill degradation may cause fumbling with keys and ammunition loading.  This safe has a four finger slot access pad on the top which you can program.  We recommend a code using the minimum of strokes performed by the strongest fingers.  Practicing frequently and in the dark will leave nothing to chance.  Also, you could use a cable with a lock to keep it from being carried off and allow it to be moved to different locations.


Multi Vault double pistol finger top safe 13x9x6    139.95

Gun Guard single pistol finger top safe 14x10x5     129.95

Gun Guard double pistol finger top safe 14x10x8    149.95

Stack-On PB-101 personal safe 9x13x7                  49.95

Stack-On PB-315 personal safe 15x11x12              89.95

*NEW* Sentry P100 pistol and ammo add-on 21x10x18      79.95              


Rifle Safes

Never store rifles or shotguns with live ammunition in the chamber.  The internal parts that fire the gun are not blocked by external safeties as they are on most high quality pistols.  Accidental discharges with rifles and shotguns are much more common, even with the safeties on.


Sentry C1208 8 gun upright with top shelf 21x10x55 144.95

Sentry fire resistant GS5211 14 gun 22x19x59          609.95

Prices do not include shipping and are subject to availability and mfg increases.

Please contact us for any other needs.


Gunthorp target holders

Make your shooting experience more enjoyable with these versatile swivel clips.


$7.99 package of 4



Use Ammo-Safe Bore Inserts for storage, practice, and protecting the firing pin while dry firing.

This product practically eliminates the chance of a negligent discharge.


Available in 9mm, .40S&W,  .45ACP, .223, 308, and 12 ga

Hand gun $2.99  Long gun $4.99.


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