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Class Feedback

Hi again, 
I sure enjoyed your class.  I thought I might be "bored" and that the day would
drag but that was NOT the case.  It was informative, "humorous" at times and
the day flew by.   
I would really enjoy the opportunity to join the gun club.  It would be great
to have you as a sponsor.  Please let me know what I would need to do to make
this happen.  I'm antsy to get out and do some target practicing. 
Take care, Melanie

Gardner,  Put me on the sign up list for the advanced pistol first and the expert pistol at a later date.  Good class this past Saturday and I'm looking forward to learning more.  Keep yer powder dry........


Good Morning,  I took your class Feb. 9th.  You made a long day fly by.
I thought it was a great class and will tell my friends.
I have been thinking about a Kimber 1911 but have not decided yet. 
Hi Gardy,
I first of all want to thank you for all the insightful information I received
from your class on Saturday.  I have told a few of my friends about it.  Seeing
how it had been such a long time since I had shot a handgun, you put all the
information into perspective without making it boring.  I also read your
handout from cover to cover.  I'm excited to get out and fire my pistol as soon
as it warms up a little.  Again, thank you so much for what you do.  We need more
people like you.  Joe 
First I want to thank you for the class. It was enjoyable, interesting and helpful.
The day went really fast.  I want to improve my shooting skills and intend to spend time
at the range.
Thank you, Mark
Thanks again for putting on a great class last Saturday.  The more I think about it, I'm going to be carrying whenever possible.  My fiancÚ and I were just walking in the neighborhood last night, and walked right past the house where there was an armed robbery about an hour earlier.  Things like that make a person realize that the bad guys are operating in places where you'd usually not suspect a problem.
Hello Gardy,
I took the C&C course in February.  I found your teaching style
effective and relaxed.  I have rifle and shotgun hunted for over thirty
years, but no real experience with hand guns.  With the weapons you
brought for us to handle and examine, my comfort with pistols was
strengthened.  You helped me to determine what I wanted in my first
pistol purchase.  You emphasized the importance of good gun handling
and the responsibility of C&C.  This was also an excellent review in
hunter safety.  While I do not carry yet, I will when I feel confident
in my abilities in all situations, just as you advised.  
Jane and I just wanted to extend a thanks for all your wisdom you provided
after the class at the range.  You went farther then the course required and it
was very helpful.  Jane was very happy that you spent extra time instructing
her after the range portion. You're a top notch guy.  If I could afford the
advanced class I sign up in a heart beat.  I will see you for my renewal or if
I get some spare change for the advanced class. Thanks again Gardner.
Johnathan and Jane

Gardner - I wanted to say thank you for having me in your permit class yesterday. I learned a lot, and I came away with a different mindset. I really understand the huge responsibility I have when carrying a firearm. I didn't realize what a large responsibility it was before. It was humbling. Thank you again for all of the info, it was a great class. Take care - Mike


Greetings Gardy,

I wanted to thank you for the very enjoyable Permit to Carry class that I attended recently near the end of September.  I felt it was an excellent course (especially for a beginner such as myself) and I really learned a lot. Between the classroom discussions and hands-on training, it was a great experience offered in a relaxed environment.


Thanks for an enjoyable day (Multi State Carry Course) at UWS .  I put in for my permit and am eagerly watching the mail. Once it arrives, I will likely call or e-mail some questions about a possible Kimber purchase. I also recommended your course to a neighbor/friend.





Thanks for full, entertaining and practical course yesterday.  When I can sit on one of those U.W.-S butt-challenging chairs for 8 hours without getting a permanent disability, then I know I was well-engaged in the situation.  Again, many thanks for both taking a pro-gun stand and putting your actions where your words say you are.

Best regards, Dr. Al



Recently I made the decision to educate myself on my 2nd amendment rights and
the MN laws governing concealed carry in this state. I have visited a countless
number of websites in the past 6 months, gathering as much information as I can
from each, to better prepare myself for the concealed carry training class. 
Your website has been the single most informative site that I have ever
visited. You have compiled a veritable force of useful information that answers
every conceivable question a novice, such as myself, could have.  
Thank you for your efforts and this website.
Gardy... Home now and wanted to say thanks for the excellent course you
presented today. You are a true professional in every way.  I look forward to
the next opportunity to attend one of your courses.

Dear Gardy:
Thanks for the excellent day yesterday at the NWGC-Duluth Club. I must praise you as both a teacher
and entertainer -- you made a long day one that was both educational and entertaining. Keep up the good work
-- the stuff you do is vital to keeping our great nation safe for the Pursuit of Happiness!
After hearing all you had to say, I realize that I must work hard to build up both my weapon 
and self defense skills. Thanks
I attended your concealed carry class a couple of months ago. We enjoyed your class very much, so thank you for that. I have a long history with firearms and firearms training,
so it is easy for me to recognize a real world trainer as opposed to the " Tactical Ninja's" out there.
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