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Pistol Permit Safety Class

This class meets the requirements for the Minnesota, Wisconsin Florida, and Utah Permits to Carry.


The WI permit is not honored in MN.  WI students get the UT permit to carry in MN.

Written test to pass for the Permit to Carry

The Fundamentals of Pistol Use - The Mechanical Knowledge of Handguns

The Safe Practices in Shooting, Loading, Unloading, and Clearing Firearm Malfunctions

Safe Storage of Firearms and Ammunition - Firearm Care and Cleaning

 Safe Handling  - Shooting Skills - Range Safety - Firing Qualification


 You will also know the fundamental legal aspects of pistol possession, carry, and use, including self-defense and the restrictions on the use of deadly force.  You will learn the psychological and physiological effects of a violent threat encounter and simple weapon retention techniques.


Even if you’ve never touched a handgun before, the safety class will give you knowledge for confidence, security, and a sense of accomplishment.




Statutes and Permit Laws - Buying, Selling, and Transporting

When Children are in the Home - Avoiding Negligent Storage

Where and How You Can and Cannot Carry - Everyday Encounters with the Police

Conflict Management - When Force May be Authorized - Deadly Force Limitations

The Duty to Retreat - The Reasonable Man Standard - The Ability of an Attacker

Presence of Imminent Threat - The Cessation of Threat - The Duty to Render Aid

The Legal Aftermath - Your Constitutional Protections

Crime Scene Restrictions - Criminal Trial and Civil Suit




 Refusing to be a Victim - Alternative Defensive Strategies - Firearm Safety

The Origins of Black Powder and the Historical Evolution of the Handgun

Pistol and Revolver Mechanisms - Clearing Stoppages and Malfunctions

Choosing a Carry Handgun - Choosing the Right Ammunition

Methods of Concealment - Safe Gun Deployment and Retention

 Threat Identification and Background Awareness

Psychological and Physiological Effects and Limitations from Stress

Coping with Stress - Understanding Instincts and Reactions

Effective Practice Drills - Maintaining Skills - Other Shooting Sports

Range Safety Evaluation and The Handgun Firing Qualification


Minnesota Application   Utah Application


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Schedule - Permit - Advanced - Expert - Reloading

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