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The expert class is about ultimate survival.  When life depends upon your action, often there is no time to ponder options or formulate a plan.  Accidents are unexpected, and criminals count on the element of surprise.  The outcome of an accident or attack can be disastrous when you aren't prepared, you can't think fast enough, or you do nothing.  If you haven't experienced this terror, it's easier just to put it out of your mind by thinking that it will never happen to me, there is too small a chance of it, or worst, it won't happen to me again.  If we knew how many times we've been close to deadly danger in the past, we would be amazed that we've avoided it.  The smattering of survival education we gain here and there through our lives isn't enough, because you usually get experience after you need it.  Here is the knowledge, power, and confidence to survive.




Preparation, what you can do, what you can use, easy things for practice.

Perception, heighten awareness and alertness without becoming paranoid.

Prevention and avoidance, use the most important tactics for your safety.

Plans and action, procedures for specific situations and flexibility options.


How to become inconspicuous and maintain privacy.  Who can you trust with information?

Analyzing your life style for predictability, risk factors, and tactics that minimize exposures.

Make the home a less appealing target, the safe room, and plans your family can live with.

Early signs that you are being followed or stalked, and how or when to confront a stalker.

How to lose any one quickly, temporarily, permanently, and how to completely disappear.

Defensive driving, car and parking lot smarts, an auto castle in motion or a stationary coffin.

Early warning signs of impending attack, diffusing psychologies, disengagement and distance.

Directing instinctive survival  reactions and psychology in a surprise attack to your advantage.

A comparison of less than lethal devices, their operation, deployment, and permitted usages.

Simple uses of your voice, hands, elbows, knees, and feet against soft targets of an attacker.

Transitioning between weapons: flashlight, OC spray, handguns, knives, tools of opportunity.

Situational reenactments and shooting drills that hone sighted and unsighted handgun control.


This eight hour one day class is for the advanced hand-gunner who also brings a small defensive flashlight, knife, and optional backup gun with appropriate holsters and 250 rounds of ammunition.

A training course for commandos

US Army Survival Manual

Expert Weapons Tactics Course Syllabus

For information  please contact gardner@gunthorp.com.


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Schedule - Permit - Advanced - Expert - Reloading

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