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Reloading & Casting Class

The history and construction of the metallic cartridge

Why most competitors make their own ammunition

Internal ballistics and the pressure curve

Powder burn rates, storage, and selection

Reloading safety and signs of pressure

The right tools from beginner to advanced competitor

Handling and preparation of reloading components

Case neck trimming, reaming, chamfering, belling, crimping, and annealing

Cleaning the primer pocket and reaming the flash hole

How to understand loading data, proper labels, and record keeping

Headspace and proper die adjustment

Seating primers and bullets correctly

Weighing and dispensing powder, checking for the double charge

Free bore, run out, and match consistency

working up loads for different applications


Casting Lead Bullets

The chemistry of lead and its alloys

Why lead is easiest on the gun barrel

The performance of lead alloys at a range of velocities

Safety precautions when dealing with lead

Tools, furnaces, materials, and making alloy ingots

Fluxing and maintaining proper temperatures

Care of the mold and casting perfect bullets

Hollow cavity moulds and heat treating

Sizing correctly, new lubricants, and gas checks

Special considerations for reloading lead bullets

Methods for preventing or removing lead fouling


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Schedule - Permit - Advanced - Expert - Reloading

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