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Survival Forever Match

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Stainless steel cover over plastic body

Hardened steel striker with dual string wick

Uses common Zippo type lighter fluid like Coleman lantern fuel

"O" ring seal prevents fluid evaporation

Magnesium rod on side for thousands of strikes

Provides a fire starting spark even without fluid

spring attachment clip


Gunthorp Survival Forever Match Instructions

It will last a lifetime if you follow these simple procedures.

Fill only until fluid begins to pool at the bottom of the hole.

Don’t over tighten and damage plastic threads or “O” ring.

Strike hard with flat of the match against magnesium rod.

A soaked wick can air out a few seconds for easier lighting.

Blow out a flame quickly before fluid in the wick gets low.

A wick low on fluid burns itself short and is harder to light.

Keep ample lighter fluid in reservoir, but wipe off spillage.

Warm it to body temperature before striking in cold weather.



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Instant deploy paracord survival keychain instructions:


Your Gunthorp Grasshopper keychain consists of 44” of 150# test paracord.  The rope forms two loops at the top.  One loop may be used for hanging the keychain, but the other loop has been pulled down to capture the two rope ends which have been doubled over under it.  This not only prevents the ends from unraveling at the top, but it also locks the rope from deployment.

Both loops at the top must be free to travel down through the body as the key ring end is pulled.  Pull the feeler ends out of the capture loop to fly free at the sides; then grasp the bottom of the body while the single bottom loop is pulled out.

This is the finest USA made mil-spec paracord available, with a woven nylon sheath holding seven strands of nylon that may be pulled out after cutting off the sealed ends. They may be strung together for fishing line or other survival needs requiring nearly 30 feet of line.   The design is unique, and the Grasshopper can be turned from a keychain into a rope in less than 2 seconds.

Suggested uses:


Belt or suspenders

Splint bindings

Pre-ban gun sling

Idiot mittens

Cat leash

Beemer fan belt

Tie one on after you tie the knot

Cinch your bet

Bum wrap

String someone along

There’s not enough rope to hang yourself.


How to retie the Gunthorp Grasshopper Tourniquet

Start with 44” of paracord sealed at each end with a small flame.  A small nail or hook helps hold the head.  Form a simple loop and hang it on the hook.  (Fig. 1)    The length of the loop should be approximately 3” depending on the total cord length and how much loop is exposed when completed.  Hold the four strands down and parallel between the thumb and finger of one hand.  The loose ends will be even on the outside of the two sections of the loop.


  1                                                                                       2

Pass the loose end on the right behind only the two sections of the loop and back over the top of everything.  (Fig. 2)  Keep the sections parallel while you snug up the work held under the thumb.  (Fig. 3)  The tape in the picture is for illustration only.


         3                                                                                      4

 Pass the loose end on the left behind only the two sections of the loop and back over the top of everything.  (Fig. 4)    Keep the sections parallel while you snug up the work held under the thumb.  (Fig.5)



5                                                                               6

Pass the loose end on the right behind everything, around back over everything, and through its own loop and snug.  (Fig. 6)


7                                                                                              8

 Pass the loose end on the left behind everything, around back over everything, and through its own loop and snug.  (Fig. 7)  That completes the start of the stitch, and both sides can be tightened.  (Fig. 8)


9                                                                              10

Figs. 8 and  9 show the alternating stitch of Figs. 6 and  7 as you work up the body.  Tighten each course so as to keep the loose ends equal in length until a couple inches of the free ends remain.  (Fig 10)


11                                                                                                                                                                   12

Pass the free ends through the top loops from back to front.  (Fig. 11)  Pass the free ends back through the top loops (Fig. 12) to form two small nose loops in front and the two antennae in back.


Pull one side of the key ring loop to tighten down the front top loop to capture the loose ends.  Pull one side of the loose top loop to create the hanging loop.  The larger the hanging loop, the smaller the key chain loop.


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